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The King with Dirty Feet (2013)

Retold by Rob Cleveland

Illustrated by Tom Wrenn

August House

This is a silly one - so silly I was at first skeptical as to its origins. It doesn't seem like an Indian folktale, it reads more like the kind of story the dad who thinks he's the funniest dad in the universe would tell his children, right up to the punchline, a pretty groan-inducing pun. But I like groan-inducing puns, and I happen to think I am the funniest dad in the universe, and I realize my own xenophobia as I write this. Puns and silliness are far from being inventions of western civilization in the 21st Century, after all.

The King has dirty feet, it is true. And he is racking his brains - and the brains of every man, woman and child in his kingdom - to figure out just how he can possibly take a bath in the river, get all cleaned up, but then keep his feet clean upon exiting the river. It is a conundrum of dire porportions! The premise is ridiculous, but from there everything builds like a well-told joke, until, lo and behold...

"You can all go about your business and stop making so much fuss," says the old man. "Go on home now. Shoo. I said shoo!"

Rob Cleveland
The author of the book, Rob Cleveland, is a storyteller himself - and actor. I see That Darn Cat listed among his credits. I'm sure this is one he enjoyed telling!
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