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Journey to Jazzland (2013)

Written by Gia Volterra De Saulnier

Illustrated by Emily Zieroth

Flying Turtle Publishing

In this story, a group of instruments must journey to the mythic Jazzland, and there to get in touch with their true nature. It begins with Windy Flute getting out of line during a classical music performance, to the consternation of the stern conductor.

"Where do you think you are - Jazzland?"

What was clearly initially meant as a slur, becomes a siren call. On her journey, she comes across a variety of lethargic instruments, more than willing to accompany her on her quest.

In a way, the story mirrors Gia's own discovery of jazz:

Many years ago, I went to the University of Lowell and heard jazz playing in the lobby. At that time, the head of Woodwinds did not like the idea of me wanting to learn jazz, and so he forced me to have classical lessons and jazz lessons, but before I could start even taking jazz lessons, I needed to audition for the "Jazz Studies" program.

She's now been playing jazz for over 20 years, and has coupled that love with her first picture book.

There is a long bridge which separates the real world from Jazzland.

"Is that the bridge we have to cross?" Spitz's voice quivered.

Noticing the lake beneath the bridge, Windy asked, "What is that lake called?

"It's called Improv Lake. Crazy things happen to anyone who falls in there."

And so they play their music, and the bridge becomes more corporeal and firm beneath their feet, and soon the world they left becomes the shadow, and Jazzland the reality.

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