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Good Shabbos, Everybody (1951)

Good Shabbos, Everybody
Written by Robert Garvey

Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education

This one is a bit of an enigma, it seems to me. It was published in 1951, the same year as The Wonderful Farm. I found a first edition for $1,500, and several editions in poor condition which were likewise worth several hundred dollars. So, it's quite collectible. But I couldn't find any other real information about it, other than this brief synopsis:

"Little Mimmy's excitement mounts as she helps mother prepare for the Sabbath and then daddy walks in the door."

But what happens when daddy walks in the door? What? Looks like I'll never know. There were no critical reviews to be found. In his biography of Sendak, Hal Marcovitz completely glosses over this book, and instead refers to A Hole is to Dig, published in 1952, as Sendak's third book. Yet, as far as I can tell, this is his third book. It clearly exists.

I did find some images from various bookseller sites, but unfortunately, they shed little light on Little Mimmy's Daddy:

Good Shabbos, Everybody

Good Shabbos, Everybody

Good Shabbos, Everybody

I can see Sendak has yet to fully come into his own. He was still just 21, hadn't yet developed the look and the style for which he will later be known. Nonetheless, something tells me he was having a lot of fun!
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