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-Steve Floyd, chief executive officer of August House books

"The interview is so amazing! I appreciate you picking up on all these aspects of what I've been doing. It's always great to talk with someone who understands what goes into these things."

- Jose Lucio, self-published author of Heave Ho!

Conversations with Storytellers

It's been great fun to be able to speak with many interesting personalities on all sides of the picture book business! 

Jose Lucio
Jose Lucio
Innovative author and illustrator of Heave Ho! 
talks about graphic design and travelling the
country to promote his books.

Matt Bergin
talks about nightmares, fatherhood and the creative process!

Willy Claflin
Willy Claflin
Award-winning storyteller and author of the
Maynard Moose series of picture books 
discusses the relationship between telling a 
story onstage and writing a story on the page.
Lain Shakespeare
The great-great-great-grandson of Joel Chandler 
Harris and Executive Director of the Wrenn's Nest 
in Atlanta, GA, discusses the significance of Brer 
Erica Silverman
Erica Silverman
Author of Raisel's Riddle and several other books talks about 
Cinderella stories in Jewish culture.

Emma Walton Hamilton
Author of numerous books - both by herself, and 
with her mother, Julie Andrews - we talk about 
how the picture book industry has changed in 
the last several decades, and what advice she 
has for those new to the business.

Stephanie Sarnoski
Director and founder of Epiphany Community 
School outside of Flagstaff, AZ, discusses the 
importance of storytelling in a child's development.

Pegi Deitz Shea
Pegi Deitz Shea
Author of several picture books, including 
The Taxing Case of the Cows: A True Story About Suffrage,
we discuss her long career in the industry, and the similarities
between picture book writing and poetry.

Betty Clark
 Betty Clark
Psychic, spiritualist, lover of stories and mythologies,
she offers her take on the hidden symbolism in such works as

Goodnight Moon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Cheryl Johnson
Why is she dressed in a giant mushroom costume, 
walking the streets of Portland, ME? I decided 
to find out!

Horus Gilgamesh
Horus Gilgamesh
Author of Awkward Moments Children's Bible, we talk about religion,
mythology and finding redemption in atheism.

Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth
Author of books such as The Gobblings and My First Kafka,
he discuss Hasidic folktales, Mel Brooks and being a new father.

Eileen Kiernan-Johnson
and Elsie Zahara Can Do It Herselfalong with 
raising two beautiful children, talks about
transgender portrayals in children's picture books.

G. Brian Karas
Author and illustrator of several books, including
Young Zeustalks about the importance of myth
and find inspiration in gruesome paintings.
Steve Floyd
President of August House books, we discuss the
rewards and challenges of publishing books in the modern age.

Sarah S. Brannen
Author and illustrator of Uncle Bobby's Wedding talks 
about being a straight ally in supporting same-sex marriage.

Author of the bilingual picture book Mr. Mosquito
talks about writing workshops and French-
speaking mosquitoes.

Christopher Stanley
Author and illustrator of The Tree Watcher tells
about a life-changing walk through the park with his son.

Agatha Rodi
Author of the book Amelie Gets Busy, this Greek
author talks about her childhood memories and the
realities of the Greek financial crisis.

Author of Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon and
Gollywood, Here I Come! talks about his career
in the theatre and how it led him to the world
of picture books!

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