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Xalien the Purple Alien (2015)

Written by Michelle Path

Illustrated by Charlotte Roberts

Xalien the Alien has crash-landed on Earth - in the rose bushes of three children, to be precise. They discover the fun alien, but cannot let on to their parents, because parents spoil everything! Better to dress Xalien like their hip, new friend and take her to the carnival, no?

Things don't always exactly add up, from one world to the next:

There was no such thing as a merry-go-round on Xalien's planet. Aliens raced slug-like creatures for fun. It was strange that humans chose to ride on plastic creatures, but Xalien had fun riding anyway.

It's a bit of a retelling of E.T. but for much younger readers. The children try their hardest to keep Xalien out of trouble and entertained, while the little alien herself is attempting to phone home for an intergalactic pick-up.

I'm sure the story will get a lot of laughs, and the illustrations are colorful and lively and filled with expression. This is the first of a series of picture books featuring the alien and her adventures. Michelle says that she 'draws her inspiration from nature and the environment, working these themes into her stories to encourage children to have an interest in and appreciation of our planet, in a fun, unique way.'

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