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The Tree Watcher (2015)

The Tree Watcher
Written and Illustrated by Christopher P. Stanley

A Jump Splash Book

I thought it was interesting that I received two books almost back-to-back which both concerned trees. You will recall, last week I reviewed Chloe Bonfield's beautiful and whimsical, The Perfect TreeThis week, the book is The Tree Watcher, by Ohio teacher and artist Christopher P. Stanley.

He takes an approach which is at once both more realistic and more magical. The images for the story carry this duality... glanced at briefly, they seem quite photo-realistic... some of them almost look like actual photos. He captures the essence and details of different types of trees quite well. However, looking at them more closely, I see the slight unreality to them, the way the leaves swirl like wet paint.

The clouds and the grass have the same effect, like heat waves rising from the pavement, a desert mirage.

Have you ever stopped to stare up at a tree?

The eyes of a child is the POV, and the narration invites us to look at the trees with the same childlike wonder, to marvel at their height, their age, all of the things they offer. The magic of the natural world.

The story is a love letter to the young child, Sam. The trees are just the beginning of the wonders the world holds.

The Tree Watcher

The Tree Watcher

The Tree Watcher

The Tree Watcher

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  1. Seems like a great book. Something which will take me back to the old days. Would definitely try to get my hands on one of these.


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