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Monkeys and Crocodiles Play Baseball (2015)

Written by Angel Krishna

Illustrated by Angel Alvarez

Global Publishing Group

The monkeys are fresh out of coconuts, so how shall their baseball game continue? Further coconut replenishments can only be attained by riding on the backs of the crocodiles across the river... but why should the crocodiles do the monkeys a favor? It's not as though they're ever invited to play baseball with them!

A story of sharing and teamwork is really strengthened by the wonderful illustrations... each monkey and crocodile are drawn with such precise facial expressions and body language that they practically tell the story on their own. Very animated, and very engaging.

In the end, the coconuts are successfully procured and - as the title foretells - both the monkeys and the crocodiles are able to play together... but I liked the final twist on the last page which you'll have to get the book to see!


  1. Thank you for this review. You might enjoy "Little Croc's Purse" for both the art and the beautifully told story.

  2. what a baseball team


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