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Wish (2015)

Wish by Leslie A. Susskind
Written by Leslie A. Susskind

Illustrated by TanjTadić

Good Manners Kids Stuff Press

The life-cycle of a dandelion is the subject at play. In thirty pages, we watch as a blown dandelion seed flies. tumbles, soars and flutters throughout cities and through the country, accompanied by simple one-word descriptors.

It's very deceptively simple, and I didn't quite know what I was reading until finally the dandelion seed - anthropomorphized by the artist as a happy little fellow indeed - finally falls to the earth and grows into a dandelion plant itself, plucked and grasped by the hands of another child, eyes squeezed tight in anticipating of further wish-making.

And on it goes. The sky awash in dandelion seeds and - it is to be believed - awash in wishes. I liked the contrast between the magic of the "wish" and the magic of nature itself. The dandelions need for the children to blow on them. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Leslie writes that this is a book she'd been dreaming about for years, and which suddenly "burst into life."

Wish by Leslie A. Susskind

Wish by Leslie A. Susskind

Wish by Leslie A. Susskind

Wish by Leslie A. Susskind

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