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A Blue Fairy-Tale (2015)

Written by Verginia Genova

Illustrated by Veselka Velinova


The Fairy of Colors

This is a simple, sweet story about a giant blue whale - so giant and so enormous, in fact, that he succeeds in frightening off everyone and everything around him. Fish flee in terror at his approach, and soon it is clear that he is destined to never have friends.

Every day was the same, as monotonous and blue as the sea. He was as sad and lonely as an enormous deserted ship.

No one loved him, and he loved no one.

Despite our protagonist's melancholy, this is a beautifully painted picture book. Painted! So refreshing to see in an age where everything is rendered purely digitally. The underwater sequences are vibrant and colorful, but it is the storm sequences which really wowed me. I love all the debris strewn through the air, the violence of the harsh winds come across with great urgency.

It is a family of titmice who are in the midst of the storm, and it is they that must flea across the sea, finally finding their refuge - you guessed it - on the back of our friend, the blue whale.

A Blue Fairy-Tale is part of a series of ten picture books by the same author/illustrator team, both Bulgarian, under the general heading, The Fairy of Colors, and each centered on a different color. You can find out more about them here. I'm curious to see how this one will relate to the others!

When the sky is dark and stormy
When the sea is sour with tears,
When your heart can cry no more,
You should dive into your dreams.

Please visit their kickstarter campaign, now in full swing!

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