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Kai and the Magic Jacket (2012)

Written and Illustrated by Tricia Chinn Campbell

Blissfull Thinking Publishing

The illustrations are so clean and crisp, they look like cells from an animated film. There stands Kai, standing proud, sparks of lightning flaring from his magic jacket.

"You must take care of this jacket, Kai. It's a gift that has been passed down through many generations. Your mother wore it, and spoke to her Great Grandparents. It's given to every firstborn child as a way to hear the wisdom of your ancestors. When you wear the jacket, it's our sign to visit you and help you make wise choices."

This read to me as an origin story, the young hero, unsuspecting, as the floating spirits of his ancestors appear about him, imparting wisdom.

"We are your guardian angels, Kai."

"A brave man does what is right..."

Great Grandmother

It is a generational tale, as by the end of it, Kai has already outgrown the jacket. He is prepared to pass it down, just as it was passed down to him. So it goes.

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