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The Adventures of Nzumah: The Ugly Chick (2013)

Written and Illustrated by Naa Korkoi Abotchi


Funny to think the last time I reviewed this basic story, it was for the Maynard Moose tale, The Uglified Ducky. Now here it is again, but told with complete earnestness. It's not a moose being raised by ducks, but an eagle being raised by a hen, at the foot of Mount Killimanjaro, which is a good place for a story to take place.

This is the first book in a trilogy of books about a young boy named Nazumah, the son of a King, to whom the great lessons of life are imparted via storytelling.

This was a strange book for me to read, and I'm having a lot of trouble saying anything about it, I'm afraid. I'm so used to reading children's books which somehow subvert the presumed expectations of the readers, or find some ironic twist... but this is pretty much a straight-up ugly duckling story. Hen raises the ugly chick, turns out its an eagle, and Nazumah realizes, "We are all special in different ways and should learn to respect each other."

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  1. This is a very useful African rendering of an old Fable. Very refreshing and works well with primary school children for story time across a variety of subjects including religious education, citizenship, PSHE, geography and literacy. I can see this story book being the basis of a great school production particularly in inner city schools. Well done!
    Sr Judith Russi
    Director EducareM


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