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Tales and Their Tellers 11: Queen Esther, Jewish Cinderella

Hi there. Not a review this time, just a plug. Please read my latest installment of Tales and Their Tellers at The Critical Masses.

Tales and Their Tellers 11: Queen Esther, Jewish Cinderella

"If there is any Biblical story from the Old Testament which lends itself as a direct antecedent of modern fairy tales and storytelling, it’s… I bet you thought I was going to say Noah’s Ark, didn’t you? That’s certainly the most well-represented Bible story in the children’s section of any bookstore or library. David and Goliath is always good for a laugh, Daniel in the Lion’s Den: classic. But no, it’s the story of young Haddasah and her transformation into Queen Esther – eventual savior of the Jewish people – which I find the most resonant..."
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